The KØNR Radio Site

Amateur Radio VHF/UHF Articles
Here are some articles that I have written to explain and encourage activity above 50 MHz.
Getting Started on 2M SSB  Learn how to get started operating Single Sideband on 2 Meters 
How to Work A VHF Contest Learn how to make a contact in a VHF contest

Choose Your 2M Frequency Wisely  An explanation of the 2M band plan (Colorado emphasis)
So You Want to Be a Rover Learn how to get started in rover operating in VHF contests
Colorado VHF grid locators  A map of Colorado showing the VHF grid locators

FM VHF Operating Guide gives tips on how to use the VHF and UHF bands for repeater and simplex operation
D-STAR: Digital Voice for VHF/UHF CQ-VHF Magazine article on D-STAR

KØNR Repeater
Information on the KØNR Repeater 447.725 MHz in Monument, Colorado.

KØNR Operating from Other Countries
Medical mission to Honduras with the International Health Service (amateur radio in support of a medical mission)
The story of the KBØCY/C6A trip to The Bahamas.

VHF Operating Events (contests, etc.)
Some information and photos on my portable VHF contest efforts
The Colorado 14er Event - amateur radio from the summits of 14,000 foot mountains

Rescue on Uncompahgre Peak
I recently came across a story that I wrote back in 1992 about an experience in the Colorado mountains that involved amateur radio and a medical emergency. Apparently ATV Quarterly magazine had picked up my story and printed it (gee, I don't recall signing a copyright release :-)  They were nice enough to give me a copy when I lost my original text. It is in pdf format and about 1.1 Meg in size. Click here to get the file.